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Do not hesitate to ask as any query you may have, our experience in the paper business is very extensive, we will be able to assess and help you with your individual needs

Arpa is a group if artisans leaded by Enrique Garcia, paper engineer, who created this business back in 1993, a business based on his whole professional life experience in paper industry. That explains the highest quality of our Artisan paper, not all artisans papers control all parameters in a laboratory like we do, that makes the difference giving each paper the special characteristics recquired for its final purpose. We are able to adjust weight, fiber, glue, porosity, absortion, dimensional stability, etc.

All papers are made one by one, regardless of size, therefore every sheet has the four frayed edges. The paper is made in cotton, acid free(ph neutral)  and sizing neutral, pressing betwen two felts, and air-dried. This process gives our paper life-long quality, it does not look old and/or yellowish.

We would like to show you our paper, you will love it