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Fine Arts Papers

Available  papers for: *Watercolour  *Engraving   *Drawing   * Photo Art

     Sizes       140 gr/m2       180 gr/m2          220 gr/m2       260 gr/m2       400 gr/m2

   20x14  cm.                               *                           *                        *

   21x29  cm.                               *                           *                        *

   30x40  cm.                                  *                           *                        *

   50x65  cm.                                  *                           *                        *

100x150 cm.                                                                                                                  *

Colores: White, Natural and Magnolia (Ivory)

By order we can make the others  sizes . Please consult us

Country notebook with  12 sheets, size 21x29 cm. 200 gr/m2, in the same three colours  : White, Natural and Magnolia (Ivory

Please contact us for prices information and any other query  you may have. Thank you