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Set Wrapped: 10 cards and 10 envelopes , wrapped with helm cord and red wax handmade sealing. Available in all the sizes and colours

Travel book, diary, note book. Hand-tied natural leather covers.                                                               Available in 14x18, and 18x26.

Artisan paper note books. Hand- tied with natural cuir.                                                                           Available in 3 sizes BL.1 (21x29) BL.2 (16x22), BL.3 (12x15) , and all dark colours.

Writting box with cover  . All the colours , 3 sizes:                                             

CER.1 (23x31) contains 25 envelopes S1 + 25 sheets P.1

CER.6 (19x26) contains 25 envelopes S6.2 + 25 cards T66.2 

CER.4 (10x15) contains 25 evelopes S.4 + 25 cards T.4

Writting box without cover, tied with helm cord and seal wax.All the colours, 3 sizes:

CER.6.2L (19x26) contains 25 envelopes S6.2 + 25 cards T6.2                                                 CER.6.1L (10x15) contains 12 envelopes S6.1 + 12 cards T6.1                                                          CER.4L (10x15) contains 25 evelopes S.4 + 25 cards T.4

Box C.4(10x15) filmy cover.Contains: 12 Cards T.4+ 12 Envelopes S.4                                  Cellobags. Contains 5 cards +5 envelopes, available in all sizes and colours.                            CSD:dossier. The envelope S.8 (24x32) contains 6 envelopes S.1+ 6 sheets P.1.Available in all the colours.

Please contact us for prices information and any other query  you may have. Thank you